We focus on providing safe, dignified housing and comprehensive support services.

At any given time in the UK, over 600,000 people rely on supported housing to provide a secure place to live and to offer appropriate care and support.

Our Mission

At Focus Supported Housing C.I.C our mission is to carry out activities that benefit the community by providing support to its most vulnerable.  These are the members of our community who are traditionally marginalised and excluded by way of social and supported housing options. Focus Supported Housing C.I.C will provide support beyond housing by working with our clients individual complex needs through an array of proactive programmes, urgent care services, physical and mental healthcare and education and employment. Focus’ team help individuals establish firm foundations in the community by  offering safe and dignified accommodation, coupled with the necessary tools and guidance to be proud members of the community.

Our Vision and What We Want

“We want a country free from homelessness, where everyone has a place to call home and the support they need to keep it”

Our vision is simple. Focus Supported Housing C.I.C is committed to helping vulnerable people in the community of the Midlands by providing bespoke care plans for each client integrating their families, friends, and supporters as well as practitioners in health, mental and social care.

Our activities will benefit our clients by:

  • Providing safe and dignified social and supported housing options that address the complex needs of these individuals – enabling them to focus on recovery where relevant, and to fulfill their potential as members of the community.
  • Provisioning of recovery, well-being and rehabilitation services by health, mental and social care professionals.
  • Active promotion of respectful relationships between our clients and wider members of society through the provision of information and opportunities for learning.
  • Creating opportunities for employment and active engagement in the wider community by offering the necessary tools and guidance.
  • Aiding in rebuilding relationships with family and friend support systems to provide a stable foundation for our clients’ efforts to become their best selves.

Our Team

Focus Supported Housing C.I.C is led by a team of extremely passionate, highly experienced people who are committed to delivering exceptional support to its service users.

Our leadership team and support workers have 30+ year of experience in assisting the most vulnerable members of our community.  They are compassionate, professional Adult Social Care providers who work to develop a plan for success with each client to comes to us for help.

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