Help to rebuild independent mothers

At Focus Supported Housing, we provide accommodation and support for mothers aged 16 and over. Working together with mothers of all ages, we ensure all their support needs and requirements are met to the highest level of support. 

We aim to provide a support system that will eventually enable mothers to rebuild their lives  to become strong, independent and focused parents and citizens. 

At Focus Supported Housing, we work with each parent to ensure their needs, and those of their children are met with support through the following;
  • Help with planning and  budgeting
  • General baby care and needs
  • Benefits and housing advice
  • Support gaining employment and independence skills
  • Resettlement support

Need extra suppoort?

In need of extra support, our team are on call 24/7 and are happy to help.

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Our mother and baby accommodation.

At Focus Supported Housing, we provide self-contained, shared and stand-alone accommodations for our mother and baby unit.  Our aim is to enable all mothers that have joined our support service to become more self-sufficient and independent. We understand it may also be hard for some mothers financially, this is why we offer a range of free essential and basic necessities both mother and baby will need in the time of our supported care.

Basic essentials for mothers
  • Fully furnished room
  • Basic tolietries
  • Postnatal essentials (if needed)
  • Safety and fall prevention
  • Status reporting to family
  • Toileting and incontinence care
Basic essentials for baby
  • Nappies
  • Clothing
  • Essential baby toiletries
  • Baby bottle and formula